Benefits of Vitamin B3 / Niacinamide - How Maelove's Calming Serum Soothes Redness

Benefits of Vitamin B3 / Niacinamide - How Maelove's Calming Serum Soothes Redness

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A calming serum is an amazing addition to your daily skincare routine if you find yourself struggling with redness due to sensitive or dry skin. 

Maelove's NIA 10 Calming Serum is a carefully formulated serum containing 10% niacinamide to soothe the skin, reduce redness, and strengthen the protective layers of your skin. 

The NIA 10 Calming Serum is enhanced with other skin-soothing ingredients, such as white tea, Zinc, vitamin E, aloe, and mushroom extracts. The combination of ingredients boosts the serum’s ability to soothe redness, improve the skin's moisture content, enhance elasticity, and improve texture and tone. 

Although the benefits of the niacinamide serum are pronounced, many people are still not sure how this innovative ingredient does the job.

How Niacinamide Soothes Redness

hand holding the NIA 10 calming serum
Nia 10 Calming Serum

Niacinamide, the main ingredient in Maelove's NIA 10 Skin Soothing Serum, is the secret behind the product's calming effects. 

Before we get into the details of how it does its job, though, we want you to understand exactly what niacinamide is. 

What Is Niacinamide? 

Niacinamide, or nicotinamide, is a stable form of vitamin B3 that you can apply to your skin to target various skin conditions and improve its appearance. 

The ingredient is among the most researched and studied skincare ingredients and thus can be found in various skincare products, including cleansers, toners, serums, oils, creams, and sunscreen. 

Of all these vitamin B3 carriers, serums are the best because they are the most effective at targeting various skin concerns and delivering a high concentration of active ingredients to the skin. 

We must also mention that niacinamide is water soluble and will be more readily absorbed by the skin when applied as a water-soluble serum. 

The vitamin has a variety of well-documented benefits for your skin. These include:

  • Powering cell reproduction
  • Promoting keratin renewal
  • Reducing irritation
  • Soothing redness
  • Correcting hyperpigmentation
  • Eliminating fine lines and wrinkles 

The reason most people reach out for beauty products containing vitamin B3 is to soothe redness and reduce skin irritation and inflammation.

Below are some of these properties we believe make NIA 10 very effective at soothing redness:

Niacinamide Has Skin-Brightening Properties

The active ingredient plays a significant role in the production of pigment formation cells—melanocytes. 

As a result, it can help fight discoloration, reduce leftover red acne scars, and promote a fairer and more even skin tone. 

It also helps to prevent the transfer of skin pigmentation, which aids in reducing dark spots and redness. 

When used over time, the NIA 10 serum can make your skin tone and complexion clearer, brighter, and more youthful. 

Reduces Inflammation 

Vitamin B3 has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness and blotchiness caused by acne, eczema, rosacea, and other inflammatory skin conditions. 

Redness is also common among people with dry skin and using Maelove's Calming Serum can help to regulate the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands. This promotes moisture retention and reduces inflammation, keeping your skin glowing for longer. 

Topical niacinamide also helps to strengthen and repair the outer layer of the skin, which boosts its anti-inflammatory effects. 

client testimonial declaring the NIA 10 as the best niacinamide serum they’ve used
Testimonial from Joey B.

Antioxidizing Properties

The star ingredient in Maelove's Calming Serum helps combat free radicals and protect skin cells from internal and environmental stressors, such as environmental stressors and sunlight. 

The extra ingredients in the serum, which include zinc, white tea extract, and mushroom extract, also help fight against the stressors that are prone to causing discoloration, redness, and signs of premature aging. 

Gentle on Skin 

NIA 10 is a gentle serum that's non-irritating and safe for people of all ages and with different skin types. It is compatible with many popular skincare ingredients, such as retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E. 

NIA 10 was specially formulated for people with sensitive skin and those who struggle with experimenting with new skincare ingredients. Thus, it helps with product transitions while sparing you the redness and irritation you'd normally experience. 

It’s also a great alternative for people who dislike the drying effects of vitamin C. For these reasons, many dermatologists and aestheticians recommend niacinamide products to people with sensitive skin and inflammatory skin conditions, such as rosacea and eczema.

Protects Against Sun Damage 

Vitamin B3 is a potent and effective ingredient for people looking to reduce redness caused by sun exposure. 

The powerhouse ingredient can also reverse the immunosuppressive effects of ultraviolet rays and protects your skin's cells from further UV damage. 

Treats Acne

Niacinamide is a non-irritating acne treatment that's best used for severe and inflammatory acne types, such as pustules and papules. 

The topical version effectively reduces lesions and redness, and it improves skin texture. The oral version is a good option when a patient is unable to tolerate oral acne medications such as antibiotics.

This superstar ingredient also lowers sebum production because excess sebum or oil can cause breakouts in people with oily or acne-prone skin. 

Excellent Skin Conditioner 

Topical niacinamide application can help to renew or restore the skin's surface or ceramide layer. When this layer is restored, the skin is able to prevent water loss, retain moisture, and stay fresh and hydrated. This is especially beneficial if you have dry, acne-prone, irritated, or inflamed skin. 

Additionally, niacinamide combines very well with common moisturizing ingredients and boosts their ability to keep your skin hydrated while preventing redness, flakiness, and tightness. 

Watch as beauty YouTuber @itsjessicabraun shares her experience with the NIA 10 Calming serum.

Benefits vs. Side Effects of Niacinamide

Niacinamide, like most other products you’ll come across, can cause a negative reaction depending on certain factors. Below is a side-by-side comparison of niacinamide’s benefits and possible side effects.

Benefits Possible Side Effects
Brightens the skin Mild itching
Reduces inflammation Burning sensation
Has antioxidizing properties Skin irritation
Is gentle on the skin
Treats acne
Is an excellent skin conditioner

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NIA 10 worth the hype? 

The NIA 10 Calming Serum is definitely worth the hype, firstly because Maelove cares about you when it comes to producing luxury skincare products that are impactful and potent. 

NIA 10 showcasing features for sensitive skin
Secondly, the NIA 10 is a refined formulation of decent weight and one that absorbs faster than you spread it and lacks the "soapy effect" of other serum formulations. It is an amazing skin-soothing and calming serum that also has anti-aging benefits. 

Besides, this calming serum is easy to layer or incorporate into your day and night skincare routines and works well with most of the other products you are already using. 

Finally, the NIA 10 is enhanced with powerful ingredients, including Zinc, white tea, mushroom, and aloe extracts to boost the product’s calming and anti-oxidizing properties. 

Which products can I combine with NIA 10 for the best results? 

Maelove's NIA 10 Skin Soothing Serum is gentle enough to be combined with most other skincare products. 

However, there are several combinations with other Maelove products, specifically, that are perfect. 

One such combination is the serum trio that features the NIA 10, the Glow Maker, and the Hydrator B5 Gel. 

This combination is for you if you're looking to fight redness and inflammation, enhance your skin's hydration, combat premature aging, and fix hyperpigmentation. 

The powerful trio feels great, has no smell, and gets the job done at a fraction of the time and cost of any other products you've tried.

The Glow Maker Antioxidant Serum


The NIA 10 Calming Serum


The Hydrator Intensive Hydration Serum


Get the trio today and save 20% on the bundle compared to buying them separately. 

Testimonial from Stephanie

Why should I purchase Maelove's products? 

Maelove is a cruelty-free and vegan brand that specializes in creating affordable yet luxurious skincare products that make a difference you can see and feel. 

People love our products for many reasons, but here are the ones that get us the most compliments:

  • We use tried-and-true ingredients to provide you with highly impactful products.
  • Utilize expert and real-world data and insights to refine the formulations. 
  • Our products are simple and consistent, and you can either use them alone or incorporate them into your existing skincare routine. 
  • All our formulations are sensitive-skin friendly.
  • Our products are free of US and EU banned products, as well as parabens, artificial dyes, fragrances, triclosan, and phthalates. 

Last but not least, we intend to make shopping with us easy and stress free. That's why we offer free shipping and returns with no minimum purchase and an industry-leading 100-day money-back guarantee.

Everything we make is

cruelty-free and vegan; paraben, SLS, dyes, and fragrance free; made in the USA

cruelty-free and vegan; paraben, SLS, dyes, and fragrance free; made in the USA

cruelty-free and vegan; paraben, SLS, dyes, and fragrance free; made in the USA

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hand holding the NIA 10 calming serum

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