Maelove is available on Amazon!

We’re thrilled to announce that three of our standout products—Glow Maker, Hydrator B5 Gel, and Plush Cream—are now available on Amazon. You can find them on our Maelove brand page.

Our decision to join Amazon is driven by our commitment to make our award-winning products, which are always obsessively-formulated and meticulously- crafted, accessible to a broader audience of Amazon shoppers.

Rest assured, we remain dedicated to creating only the best-in-class products. These are the exact same products available on, and now you can conveniently purchase them on Amazon with Prime delivery.

When will your other products be available on Amazon?
At the moment, only a few of our products are available on Amazon. We don’t have a timeline yet if and when our other products will be available on Amazon.

Are there discounts?
Discounts that we offer on our site can’t be used on Amazon purchases.

How do returns work? Is there the same 100 day policy?
Amazon is completely separate from our own site and their rules and return policies apply when purchasing from Amazon. Having an official presence on Amazon was a decision we made to safeguard our brand and to ensure that you, our amazing customers, don’t end up with knock-offs from fake sellers. It’s very important to us that you receive a genuine Maelove product.