The Glow Maker
The Glow Maker

The Glow Maker

Serums are the most confusing category of the skincare products, which is why we spent years to perfect a complete, multi-tasking face serum that does it all.

Introducing The Glow Maker by Maelove featuring Vitamins C, E, Ferulic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid.

1.0 fl oz  |  Free Shipping & Return |  30-Day Unconditional Guarantee  

Packed with Antioxidants

Good news: The Glow Maker contains 15% Vitamin C for antioxidant protection.

Even better news: Vitamin C is joined by fellow antioxidant stars Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. Together they make the antioxidant dream team.

Hydrate with Hyaluronic Acid

Keep your skin from drying out with hyaluronic acid, which provides lasting moisture to your skin.


Why we made The Glow Maker

I try to wake up early to apply serums and do a routine in the AM.  But, I’m always in a rush and needed 1 serum that could do it all so I can be on my way.

The Glow Maker is that magic in a bottle – dewy and hydrated skin, protection from the outside, and helps with the slight wrinkles on my face. - Jackie Kim, CEO