Why we do it

For years, women have been told to use an endless number of skincare products and have been overwhelmed with hyped marketing claims. This is when skincare becomes confusing and expensive.

At Maelove, we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. Skincare can be simple and effective. We're out to prove that the best skincare doesn’t require you to sacrifice your precious time or money.

What we make

As a team of skincare fanatics, we're obsessive when it comes to beauty. We insist on only creating skincare products of unimpeachable quality and performance.

We formulate products that are potent and active - not diluted, and made of time-tested and science-backed ingredients. Each product must also be multi-functional so you’ll reap multiple benefits from just one product.

We understand that you’re a busy woman, so your skincare should work for you, not the other way around. Finally, we create skincare that is the best quality that money can buy.

Born at MIT. Developed in Silicon Valley. Made in the USA.

  1. MAELOVE was born at MIT where our founding team met.
  2. We are now headquartered in SF, in the heart of Silicon Valley.
  3. Our products are meticulously manufactured right here in the USA.

Obsessive Research

We start by looking at proven clinical research in peer-reviewed journals and collaborate with brilliant chemists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical researchers to create formula blue prints. 

In addition, we collected and analyzed over 1 million online skincare product reviews to better understand what attributes correlate with customer satisfaction.  

By combining the best knowledge from medical science with the insight gleaned from the most data, we’re able to create breakthrough formulas that not just work well, but work well for all skin types.

Quality without compromise

As a young startup, we're incredibly fortunate to partner with 3 of the most respected cosmetic laboratories in the world. 

All 3 partners are US-based, FDA-registered, GMP-certified and manufacture products for some of the most luxurious skincare brands.

Not business as usual

Our mission is to make elite skincare accessible to all women. That’s why our direct-to-consumer approach is focused on creating the best products while reducing needless markup and keeping marketing costs low.