Nice to meet you!  We're a group of friends with a common goal: we're obsessed with helping you look great and feel amazing.  And here are our guiding principles to make sure we stay true to that mission.


1. Insist on proven science

We choose only those ingredients that have been proven effective by top scientists and proven safe through the test of time. Your skin is too important to risk on questionable ingredients.

2. Never compromise on quality

Proper manufacturing is just as crucial as smart R&D.  We meticulously source only rigorously-inspected raw ingredients from respected sources.  We create our products in FDA Registered labs with ISO certifications. Our storage and fulfillment facilities are FDA Registered and Approved for food-grade products, a far higher quality standard than is typical for the skincare industry.

3. Focus on ritual

The key to your long-term skincare success is effective products applied every single day. A daily ritual just for you. To help you stay consistent, we obsessively refine each of our products until they look, feel and smell wonderfully elegant. So elegant that you won’t tire of using them every day.

4. Eschew sensationalism

We hate that the skincare industry spends billions of dollars promoting one-hit wonder products and flavor-of-the-month ingredients that promise more than they can deliver. We adhere to a different philosophy: we opt to let both our products and our satisfied customers speak for us.

5. Challenge the business-as-usual

We used to wonder why quality skincare costs so much. Well, we have since discovered the unfortunate truth.  A majority portion of the prices you pay is spent on celebrities, commissions, and of course, distributor and retailer margins. Fortunately, as an upstart company, we are free from such outdated industry practices.  We strive to operate efficiently, applying modern thinking and technology wherever we can, and pass through our cost savings onto you.