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Dry Skin Repair Kit

Dry Skin Repair Kit


Combat dry, irritated and itchy skin with this simple and effective 3-product system. Chronic dry and sensitive skin can be alleviated with a combination of proven skincare ingredients and an easy-to-follow routine.

Keep your skin supple and moisturized throughout the year (especially during the colder months) with our top products for hydrated, calm skin.

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Strengthen your skin barrier

Skin's main function is to serve as the body's barrier: lock water in the body while keeping irritants out. Dry skin looks dull and cracks easily. This leads to increased redness and sensitivity.

The strategy to fortify your skin is simple: drench the skin with powerful conditioning ingredients - niacinamide, panthenol and hyaluronic acid - then seal them in with a thick, hydrating cream.

Once the skin barrier is repaired, it will effectively keep water locked in and balance hydration, while strengthening the skin's defense to keep irritants out. The result is more supple and radiant skin.


Follow this simple routine both morning and night for smoother and suppler skin.

1) Cleanse skin with cool to lukewarm water. Avoid foaming cleansers as these exacerbate dryness. Pat dry gently (don't rub vigorously with a towel).

2) Immediately (while the skin is still damp) apply a thin layer of NIA 10 serum on face and neck.

3) Wait 90 seconds then apply a thin layer of Hydrator B5 gel on face and neck.

4) Wait 90 seconds then apply a layer of One Cream to seal everything in. Follow with a sunscreen in the morning.

*Once the dry skin has been repaired, then you can start incorporating potent skincare ingredients like vitamin C, exfoliating acids and retinoids to target additional skin concerns.

Others who have used Dry Skin Repair Kit say:

After 2 weeks of consistent use: Noticeable reduction in skin redness and dryness.

After 4 weeks: Improved skin texture with more suppleness and less dry patches.

After 12 weeks: Repaired skin barrier and better tolerance to strong active ingredients (such as retinoids, Vitamin C and acids).

on NIA 10 Calming Serum

"I tried this product on a recommendation from my derm. I was initially very skeptical because I've been struggling with worsening rosacea and even prescription meds have failed.

I've been really pleasantly surprised at how much this little serum has been helping my skin! I use it religiously morning and night and always follow with Maelove's One Cream, which is beautifully smooth and moisturizing. If you struggle with skin redness and dryness, I recommend that you give this little serum a try. It just might rescue your skin like it did mine." -Taylor D.

on Hydrator B5 Gel

"My derm recommended a few serums for recovery following recent laser treatments. Two of the items were over $100, so I also picked this up along with the other two products since price was so low I was a little skeptical but also curious.

I used the three different products on different parts of my face for a week and the winner was clear. This Maelove gel didn't sting my skin or stink up with perfume covering up chemical-y scent like the other items that cost multiples, and even better yet, I enjoyed better hydrated skin that healed faster. I told my derm about my little research and she agreed that her other patients have seen great results with Maelove, too. " -Elise N

on One Cream

"To begin, I have dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin. Before I purchased this, I had been using a much more expensive moisturizer from Sephora that left my skin tight, dry, red, and irritated. I used this the day it came in and never looked back!

The texture is great. No matter how much I use it rubs in nicely. I use a dime-sized amount during the day and about twice that at night when I'm feeling extra dry. It balances my skin so nicely, I never feel oily or like it's clogging my pores, but I still have a healthy glow to my skin. " - Cassidy M.

on NIA 10 Calming Serum

"The Nia 10 Calming Serum is a great option for those with redness, inflamed and acne-prone skin, as it contains niacinamide which is soothing and calming on the skin. The niacinamide is combined with zinc and white tea extract and together helps improve both skin texture and tone." -Dr. Marisa Garshick, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology, New York Presbyterian-Cornell

on Hydrator B5 Gel

Melanie Palm, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Solana Beach, California explains that the skin barrier is important to our ability to retain water, protect us from unwanted chemicals or exposures, and help us resist infections. Maelove Hydrator B5 Gel is our pick for the best skin barrier gel with hyaluronic acid. This lightweight gel product works as a moisture booster and contains skin-celebrated HA. It also includes vitamin B5 and an antioxidant called resveratrol - which helps neutralize free radicals that can damage the skin.

on One Cream

"Maelove's The One Cream is a daily moisturizer that has a mineral base with hydrating electrolytes like magnesium and sodium, coupled with nourishing coconut extracts and balancing prebiotics to maintain your skin's barrier. It is a relative steal at just $30, but still makes skin super-soft."


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