Super Smooth AHA + BHA Resurfacing Serum

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A gentle AHA & BHA blend for sensitive-skin friendly exfoliation, enhanced with peptide technology and skin-soothing ingredients for a smoother, radiant complexion.

Key benefits

Smooths skin texture, gently exfoliates, unclogs pores

Key ingredients

Lactic acid, glycolic acid, tartaric acid, salicylic acid, Perfection Peptide P3

1.0 fl oz / 30 ml

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Super Smooth redefines chemical exfoliation for sensitive skin, resulting in improved texture, tone, and radiance over time.

The secret lies in a combination of skin smoothing peptide technology (Perfection Peptide P3) to loosen dead skin cells and a gentle blend of AHAs ( lactic, glycolic, and tartaric acids) and BHA (salicylic acid) to then slough them off.

Our resurfacing serum is further enhanced with an assortment of good-for-skin ingredients (argan oil, grape seed, hyaluronic acid, white tea, resveratrol, and aloe) to minimize irritation and comfort skin.

Gives dull, rough skin a bright, smooth texture with less visible pores
  • Skin-smoothing Perfection Peptide P3 loosens dead skin cells
  • An alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid blend then gently exfoliate for smoother skin
  • Exfoliating acids reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, pores, and acne

Hydrating formula that’s gentle enough for even the most fragile skin types
  • Argan oil and hyaluronic acid deeply moisturize to maintain optimal hydration levels
  • Antioxidants resveratrol, grape seed oil, and white tea extract protect the skin from environmental stressors
  • A botanical blend further soothes and calms the skin, reducing irritation and redness

For AM and/or PM. Apply a thin layer of serum to the face, neck, and chest. Massage product in until it is fully absorbed. Follow with a gentle moisturizer to lock in the serum (AM & PM) and an SPF to block UV-damage (AM).

Start slow – use 2-3x a week, slowly ramping up to daily use and layering as tolerated.

Layer your products from thinnest to thickest in texture, waiting a full minute between each product.

Key Ingredients

Gentle AHA & BHA blend: Lactic acid, glycolic acid, tartaric acid, salicylic acid
Perfection Peptide P3 (Hexanoyl Dipeptide-3 Norleucine Acetate): loosens dead skin cells and makes them less “sticky”

Supporting Ingredients

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pichia/Resveratrol Ferment Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Leaf Extract

All Maelove products are safe for sensitive skin, made in the US, vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, gluten-free, and free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, and artificial fragrances. We don't use ingredients that are banned in the EU or in the USA.

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 284 reviews
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284 reviews
  • VP
    Vivian P.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    What are your skin concerns? Fine lines and wrinkles
    What is your skin type? Normal
    Product Standouts Great texture, Gentle, Great Ingredients, Easy To Use
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    4 days ago
    Super Smooth AHA+BHA Resurfacing Serum

    It is a great product that is easy to use with visible results.

  • LM
    lynne m.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    What are your skin concerns? Acne and blemishes, Redness and sensitivity, Oil control, Sun Damage, Dark spots
    What is your skin type? Combination
    Product Standouts Great texture, Easy To Use, Healing, Great Ingredients
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    6 days ago
    Great for acne prevention!

    Stops my skin from breaking out.

  • WR
    Wendy R.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    What are your skin concerns? Fine lines and wrinkles, Dark spots, Dryness, Redness and sensitivity
    How old are you? 45-54
    What is your skin type? Combination
    Product Standouts Great texture, Easy To Use, Hydrating, Gentle, Healing
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    2 weeks ago
    Great product!

    Gentle and nourishing- a great component to my daily skincare routine!

  • LV
    Lisa V.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    What are your skin concerns? Redness and sensitivity, Acne and blemishes, Fine lines and wrinkles, Sun Damage
    How old are you? 45-54
    What is your skin type? Normal
    Product Standouts Healing, Dramatic Results, Great texture, Easy To Use
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 month ago
    This works so well

    I had been battling a daily struggle of clogged pores regardless how well I am caring for my face. I do the daily oil cleanse for 5 minutes followed by a gentle face wash. Applied my usual actives in the evening yet constantly struggled with slight breakouts that never seemed to heal. After a week of using this, I noticed the stubborn breakouts on my face were healed and my skin is smoother now.

  • LY
    Liz Y.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    What are your skin concerns? Redness and sensitivity, Fine lines and wrinkles
    How old are you? 55+
    What is your skin type? Combination
    Product Standouts Easy To Use, Great texture, Gentle
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 month ago
    Gentle exfoliating

    The Super Smooth exfoliating serum was wonderful addition to my regimen. I believe it helps all the other products I use soak into my skin

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Deep Guide to Hydroxy Acids - how do they work and how to choose the right products for your skin

This writeup was lead-authored by our senior technical adviser, Sunbin Song, PhD. Sunbin graduated from MIT with a degree in Biology before receiving a doctorate in neuroscience from Georgetown and...

For the Curious

Skin renewal and natural exfoliation can weaken for many reasons. For example, those who struggle with acne or dry skin have less natural exfoliation and often benefit from hydroxy acids. However, at some point, everyone will experience the weakening of these natural processes in the course of aging.

In young adults, the top epidermal layer of the skin entirely renews itself every 28 days, while this process takes 40 to 60 days in more mature skin. This means dead skin cells accumulate longer on the surface of older skin making the skin look rough and scaly, the pores look enlarged, and the complexion look dull (Rodan et al. 2016). Regular removal of dead skin smooths out skin and evens out skin tone while encouraging quicker renewal of the epidermis by the deeper underlying skin cells - helping to mimic the process in younger skin (Kornhauser et al. 2010).

This weakening of natural exfoliation with age is in part because the cohesion between dead skin cells increases in older adults. Perfection Peptide P3 (Hexanoyl Dipeptide-3 Norleucine Acetate) has been engineered to disrupt the binding between dead skin cells to make them less “sticky.” It does so by mimicking the cell adhesion recognition (CAR) site and competing with it. Tested in a placebo-controlled human study, application of these peptides led to smoother skin and decreased epidermal renewal times to values similar to young skin (Schmid et al. 2006). Combining these peptides and a blend of lower concentration hydroxy acids in one serum allow for the gentle and yet highly effective exfoliation to occur.

AHAs are water soluble hydroxy acids that exfoliate dead skin cells at the skin surface. Lactic acid and glycolic acid represent the best studied and most effective AHAs. In contrast, BHA salicylic acid is oil soluble and can penetrate sebum rich pores to help unclog them and keep them clear (Kornhauser et al. 2010).

Lactic acid, glycolic acid, tartaric acid, salicylic acid at high medical-grade concentrations are used in chemical peels by professionals, while the upper limit of concentration for hydroxy acids in at-home formulations are ideal for instant skin rejuvenation (i.e. 10% glycolic acid in Night Renewer cream). However, in those with sensitive skin, or those with older skin that is thin and sensitive, these high acid concentration products are too harsh and irritating.

The Super Smooth serum combines a gentle blend of lower concentration AHAs with BHA salicylic acid boosted by the latest in skin smoothing peptide technology (Perfection Peptide P3) to smooth the surface of the skin but in a gentle and and more tolerable manner. This makes the serum appropriate for those with the most sensitive and fragile skin types such as those with a disrupted skin barrier or those with thinned aged skin or those who are aiming for a “glass skin” like finish to their skin.

There are other benefits to using hydroxy acids for aging skin as well particularly with AHAs glycolic, tartaric, and lactic acid. These include benefits to fine lines and hyperpigmentation (Bernstein et al. 2001, Stiller et al 1996, Kornhauser et al. 2010). However, to get these full benefits, if your skin can tolerate it, a high potency AHA product such as Night Renewer with 10% glycolic acid would be a good choice.

Hydroxy acids also help lower the pH of the skin in support of the natural acid mantle. The surface of the skin has a naturally acidic pH between 4 and 6 and this acidity is necessary for maintaining a healthy skin barrier (Lukic et al. 2021). This is because enzymes that build lipid-rich lamellar membranes of the stratum corneum operate best at a low pH < 5. In contrast, serine proteases that degrade these enzymes operate better at a higher pH. Acidifying the skin with HAs have been shown to activate skin barrier supporting enzymes while decreasing serine protease activity (Hachem et al. 2010). Hence this serum can be useful in an anti-aging regimen when combined with other products.

Please consult your doctor before using this product while pregnant. While the CIR states up to 2% salicylic acid is safe to use while pregnant, some doctors may say to avoid it altogether as high concentrations of salicylic acid are harmful to the developing fetus (Chien et al. 2016). It is recommended to discontinue use of this product while nursing. At Maelove, we recommend that you first speak with your doctor about this ingredient to get their opinion. Please check out our extended writeup on how to treat acne while pregnant.

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