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Super Smooth Resurfacing Serum

Super Smooth Resurfacing Serum

Super Smooth is a Hybrid AHA and BHA serum for people who want to improve skin texture and tone without harsh reactions like redness and irritation.

If you have stubborn dull skin, Super Smooth is here to solve your problem.

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Super Smooth features a potent complex of both alpha and beta hydroxy acids (lactic, tartaric, glycolic and salicylic) to unclog your pores and to help shed stubborn dead skin cells to reveal smoother, softer, and radiant skin.

Super Smooth is further enhanced with a load of good-for-skin ingredients (argan oil, grape seed, hyaluronic acid, white tea, resveratrol and aloe) to minimize irritation common in exfoliating products, so even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits.

*Like all Maelove products, Super Smooth serum is made right here in the USA, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes and fragrances.


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How to use

Start out by using Super Smooth 2-3 times per week at night on freshly cleansed skin. Follow it up with a gentle moisturizer or a lightweight oil (such as our Pure Marula) to lock in the serum and prevent dryness.

If you use retinoids, then rotate the retinoid product with Super Smooth every other night. You could layer retinoids with acids if you're an experienced skincare user whose skin has fully adapted to the potent ingredients.

*Super Smooth serum is what we recommend for normal to oily skin (because BHA is able to penetrate through sebum). If you have very dry skin, we recommend our Night Renewer Glycolic Acid cream instead due to glycolic acid's ability to not just exfoliate but also hydrate skin.