How to layer Maelove products (and in what order)

How to layer your Maelove skincare products:

Keep in mind that these tips are specifically for Maelove. Other brands might have different recommendations.

And you don't need to use all the products mentioned below – these are just general guidelines covering our entire skincare lineup, which is why every product is mentioned.

The general rule of layering after cleansing is to apply serums, creams, and then oils 



First step is always cleansing. At Maelove, we have two great cleansers to choose from. Do you have oily skin? Or live somewhere humid? Then I recommend our Refresher Gel Cleanser with a triple blend of alpha hydroxy acids.

On the other hand, if your concern is dryness, then go with our Sheer Silk Cleansing Cream because it has a rich texture like a high-end cream. It cleanses your face and leaves your skin soft and supple.

If you usually double cleanse, you would use either of our cleansers after oil cleansing.

An additional step, which you could use 2-3 times a week, is our Deep Exfoliator Facial Scrub. This is a gentle clay-based physical exfoliant that helps to unclog pores, remove impurities, and gently buff away dead skin cells for that baby smooth skin.



After cleansing comes serums.

The general rule when it comes to applying serums is to apply from thinnest to thickest in texture. This way, each product that you apply will absorb into the skin and won’t cause pilling or flaking.

The first serum to apply is The Glow Maker Antioxidant Serum, because it has the lightest texture in our serum lineup.

Then the rest of the serums follow in this order in terms of thinnest to thickest.

Maelove’s Super Smooth combination AHA and BHA Serum. This one can be used morning and night, but if used in the morning, you should also incorporate a good SPF into your morning routine.

Next is Nia 10 Serum with niacinamide. This one is fine to apply morning or night.

Next is Fade Away Serum which is our hyperpigmentation-fighting specialist. This one is fine to apply morning or night.

Next is Moonlight or Stargaze, our retinoid serums. Stargaze is recommended for beginners who have never used a retinol, and Moonlight is our award-winning high-strength retinaldehyde serum for those who have tried retinol already.  Stargaze and Moonlight serums are for your night-time routine only.

Finally, apply the Hydrator B5 Gel serum. Since hyaluronic acid is a humectant that pulls in moisture, you want to apply this while your skin still feels slightly damp from other serums or just after cleansing. Then you will want to follow this product with a moisturizer to lock in that moisture.



After serums come creams or oils.

Our Plush Cream is a great lightweight, gentle moisturizer that you can use in the morning or at night.

Our Night Renewer Glycolic Acid Cream is an exfoliating and hydrating treatment for nighttime use. You don’t need to use an additional moisturizer on top of the Night Renewer cream.

Apply Sun Protector SPF 30 in the morning. The last step of your morning skincare routine should always be a great sunscreen.

An additional step, if you’d like to use an oil, is our Love 31. At night, this would be your last step and it can provide extra hydration and nourishment, particularly if you have very dry skin or live in a very dry climate. If you want to use an oil in your morning routine too, use after moisturizer but before your SPF.