The Day Eraser
The Day Eraser
The Day Eraser

The Day Eraser

Get to bed in no time with this one-and-done face cleanser. Even waterproof mascara is no match for this advanced 3-in-1 oil + milk cleanser + eye makeup remover combo.

And unlike other oil cleansers, The Day Eraser leaves no oily film behind, and it won't clog your pores or cause breakouts.

3.9 fl oz  |  Free Shipping & Return |  30-Day Unconditional Guarantee  


Triple Cleansing Magic

Good news: Oil + Milk + Eye Makeup Remover all in one.

Even better news: Our special formula leaves behind no gross, oily residue that ruins your beloved pillowcases. 

No more racoon eyes

The Day Eraser is powerful enough for waterproof mascara (great!), but it won't cause your eyes to itch or tear up.  We made the Day Eraser with extra sensitive skin in mind.

You’ll only have happy tears over this thorough yet gentle cleanser.


Why we made The Day Eraser

After a long day, I was dreading using an oil and milk cleanser and eye makeup remover just to wash my face.

I created 1 multi-tasking product to take off my makeup effectively without burning my eyes and making my face feel dry and tight. This is THE cleanser that will get you to bed in no time.   -Jackie Kim, CEO