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Supreme Shave Cream

Supreme Shave Cream


Fancy razors with multiple blades haven't made hair removal any easier or comfortable, so we re-imagined better shaving from the skin up for better experiences and smoother, softer skin.

Introducing a unique 3-in-1 conditioner + shaving cream + skin hydrator. It will prep the unwanted hairs by softening them so they are ready for the closest and easiest shaving possible. Your skin will feel hydrated and conditioned after each use.

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This unique formula is actually a super concentrated moisturizer with Panthenol (Vitamin B5) that slicks up for shaving when activated with water.  It primes your unwanted hair instantly for easy removal and goes on clear so there will be no missed spots.

Post-shaving moisturizer is built into the formula with mint extract (a natural anti-bacterial) to refresh and cool shaved skin for maximum comfort.

This ultimate shaving cream is meant for total body grooming – it’s great for your legs, underarms and bikini area.  This formula is also gluten-free.


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