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Dry Skin Rescue Kit
Dry Skin Rescue Kit
Dry Skin Rescue Kit
Dry Skin Rescue Kit

Dry Skin Rescue Kit

SOLD OUT - expected restock in mid July

Combat dry, irritated, itchy skin

Here is a simple but effective way to keep your skin supple and moisturized throughout the year

Treat your skin with NIA 10 Niacinamide serum, retain moisture with One Cream (our thickest moisturizer) and exfoliate away dead skin cells with Night Renewer.

Purchase the 3 items together as a kit and save $20 ( $63.85 versus $83.85 if purchased individually).

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Niacinamide is an effective skin conditioner that can alleviate the dry, cracking skin surface and reduce irritation.

In the morning, apply NIA 10 serum on cleansed skin* and seal it into your skin by using The One Cream (and then apply sunscreen). 

In the evening, apply NIA 10 serum on cleansed skin* and follow with a thin layer of Night Renewer (Glycolic Acid is a great humectant that attracts and retains moisture to your skin).  Then seal it all in by applying a thin layer of The One Cream.

*Use cool water to cleanse your face because hot water will strip moisture right off your skin and worsen dryness.