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In response to Covid-19 : We're shipping orders as usual

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March 23, 2020

We're operating as usual, and your orders will ship normally.  

Our supply chain partners are FDA-registered food storage providers or FDA-registered OTC product manufacturers, which are considered essential service providers and exempt from current lock downs. Our supply chain partners are trying to navigate through these uncertain times as smoothly as possible, and they urged us the best way we can help them, their employees, and our customers is to continue running our business as normally as possible.

We've spoken with all our partners to ensure better protection for essential workers who can't work from home. These protective measures include increasing distance between workstations and staggering work schedules to minimize the number of concurrent workers present.

As for us, we've always been a digital-first and distributed workplace and conducted most of our communications via email and online tools. So, our daily operation has been running more or less unchanged.

We know serums and creams are not your highest priority now.  But by processing your orders as usual, we hope we can provide you with some sense of normalcy and calmness during these trying times.   We're especially grateful for the men and women who are keeping and sustaining a safer environment for us all - healthcare workers, janitorial workers, warehouse workers, truck drivers, delivery workers and others.   Hope you and your loved ones are doing well and staying safe.

From our respective homes,

Jackie and Team Maelove

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