Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

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Jackie Kim, CEO

Welcome to Maelove!

My name is Jackie and I'm the CEO of Maelove.  May I take a moment to tell you why Maelove was started?

I have been a skincare fanatic from a very young age. I grew up watching my mom do her morning and nightly skincare routine, and making it a special time just for herself. I would watch her and want to emulate exactly what she was doing. This began my fascination with skincare.


I became more immersed in the skincare world and what it had to offer, and I had to try them all - from the drugstore brands, to the 10-step K-beauty routine to $400 night creams.

What I realized throughout the years was that there was no brand that offered high quality products at a reasonable price.

Budget brands were price tag friendly, but they lacked the quality ingredients, texture and feel of expensive brands. On the contrast, expensive brands felt nice to the touch, but I hated the price tag.

Although I was searching for years for the perfect skincare, I couldn't find it, so I wanted to create my own skincare line that every woman can enjoy.


As a skincare industry outsider, I had to learn everything about the business from the bottom up. I was most shocked to learn how absurd the markups were - for serums and night creams, the premium and luxury brands mark up their products anywhere between 10 to 30 times.

I felt betrayed knowing that the price I used to pay for the brands were not for the quality products, but were marked up for marketing campaigns and for paying celebrities to endorse the products.

Maelove is my life's passion come true. It's uncompromised skincare with none of the ludicrous markups. At Maelove, we focus on what goes into the products, because that's what really matters. Women can really have it all - great skincare with great pricing.

Thanks for your interest! See you again soon  :)
Jackie Kim, CEO

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